Upcoming at Depot II Gallery

Lara Scolari AIR

13-22 February 2014
Opening Wednesday 13 February, 6-8 pm

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The AIR (Artist in Residence) series of works were created by Lara within her time spent as the Artist in Residence for Ashfield Council, September - December 2013.
The AIR exhibition, Lara's debut into the Sydney art scene and her first solo show within metropolitan Sydney showcases over 40 mixed media works on 640gsm Fabriano paper, developed by Lara (a visual artist from Dubbo in Regional, Western NSW) while living and engaging in the vibrant and multicultural melting pot of Sydney's inner west.
Lara's 2013 body of work explores and manipulates new materials and exhibits developed experimental techniques. Reflecting a relaxed emotional state in the creation of the work. Lara engages in the art making process on a subconscious level using her body and materials as a vehicle of expression.
Intrigued by the complexity, hidden undercurrents and agendas involved in relationships. Lara has expanded and developed this concept which informs an intimate visual language of organic tone, shape and line. These elements generate a personal response of emotions that are expressed her work.
"as if diving beneath the surface (dreaming of what cannot be seen)."


4-15 March 2014

Left: Elephant