Previously showing at Syndicate at Danks


24 September - 12 October 2013


3 - 21 September 2013

A THOUSAND WORDS Featuring Angela Cavalieri, Vince Koloski, Graham Kuo, Alun Leach-Jones and Michael B Platt

13 - 31 August 2013

FLORA AND FAUNA Artists include Karen Barbouttis, Danelle Bergstrom & John Firth-Smith, Stephen Coburn, Fred Cress, Fiona Davies, Fan Dongwang, Marcella Kaspar, Hildreth Potts, Ron Royes, Prue Sailer and Nadia Waters

30 July - 10 August 2013

Col Jordan: Sculptures and Related Paintings and Bert Flugelman: Late Career Sculptures

9 - 27 July 2013 ... more

Great and Small Works by Yvonne Boag, Ian Grant, Sandra Leveson, Alan Oldfield, Eric Smith, Anita Taylor and ken Woolley

28 May - 15 June

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PEACE Australian photo collective, Degree South. Ben Bohane, Michael Coyne, David Dare Parker, Stephen Dupont, Sean Flynn, Ash Gilbertson, Tim Page & Jack Picone.

14-26 May 2013

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Left: Women Voting in Herat by Tim Page

Platinum Images of the Lake Eyre Basin Bob Kersey

7-11 May 2013

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Left: Ayreshire Hills Dusk

VINYL WONDERWORLD Manne Schulze and Ian Andrews

16 April - 4 May

THREE WORLDS Ben Soedradjit, Susan Sparks and Anne Starling

26 March - 13 April 2013

Left: Graphite on Cotton Rag Paper, Susan Sparks, Image size 50cm diameter

Max Pam

20-24 November 2012

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Left: Max Pam - Opera Singer Manila


18 - 29 September 2012

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Left: Banksy


7 - 25 August

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ANIMALS an exhibition featuring works by artists including Suzanne Archer, Karen Barbouttis, Charles Blackman, David Bromley, Ann Cape, Adam Cullen, Fan Dongwang, Gabrielle Jones, Michael Keighery, Lewis Miller, Rodney Pople, Hildreth Potts, Emily Valentine, Brett Whiteley and Deborah Williams

Left: Goat by Adam Cullen

Paris En Plein Air by Paul Connor paintings and digital drawings

28 Aug - 15 Sept

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Left: Paul Connor

Jason SIMS nowhere

13 - 31 March

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Jason Sims' mesmorizing light boxes extend space beyond physical capablilty, enticing the observer to travel ever deeper into an expanse of infinite dimesnions, and like Alice down the rabbit hole, the viewer finds oneself "curiouser adn curiouser" wanting to discover what lies beyond.
Left: Fold II (Red), 2011,

Graham Kuo Marnling Press

29 February - 10 March