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CHRISTMAS BREAK Merry Christmas to all our visitors

10 December to 28 January 2014

Thank you to all our patrons for visiting The Depot Gallery during 2013.

We are taking a break and will be back on the 28th January 2014.


Wirriimbi Designs presents WAJAAR - EARTH

26 November to 7 December 2013

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Chris (Wirriimbi) Edwards & Jirriwarr Blacklock Edwards

invite you to view this new collection of artworks at
Depot Gallery, 2 Danks St Waterloo
Official opening and drinks with the artist: Saturday 30th November 2pm to 6pm
The exhibition runs from Tuesday 26th November to Saturday 7th December 2013
Open 11am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturday

E:?[email protected]??

Mob:?0424 803 321



Country for Birds - Julie Poulsen

29 October - 9 November 2013 ... more

Left: Sunlight on mudflats #1

Alcaston Gallery - ALL ABOUT ART

15 - 26 October 2013

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Alcaston Gallery is excited to present its annual collectors' exhibition, All About Art, to be held at Depot Gallery in Waterloo, Sydney.



Alcaston Gallery will once again uphold its reputation for showcasing the best in contemporary Australian artwork as we present four of the most exciting new & acclaimed artists of today:





A L C A S T O N G A L L E R Y 11 Brunswick Street Fitzroy Victoria 3065

T +61 3 9418 6444

E [email protected] W

Left: Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori Dibirdibi Country 2012 Synthetic polymer paint on linen 100 x 196 cm. Image courtesy of the Artist, Mornington Island Art, QLD & Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

Rex Dupain

1-12 October 2013

Spirit - Sculptures & installations by Tracey Deep

27 August to 14 September 2013

Left: Spirit, Tracey Deep

Annemarie Murland

13 - 24 August 2013

Julia Roberts - TANGLE

24 July - 3 August 2013

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Inspired by the tangled forms of the majestic Angophora trees that hug the foreshore of Sugarloaf Bay in Castlecrag near where the artist lives, these large, oil on plywood paintings suggest a new sense of departure for Roberts.

Flat, broad sweeps and sinuous curves of colour compete with the tangled limbs of the trees themselves. Alluring harbour glimpses are over-lain with graffiti like swirls and splashes of colour that hint at the mood and personality of the tree that is the hero of each work.

Photos of all paintings in the exhibition will be uploaded to on the day of the opening - 24 July 2013.
Enquiries : [email protected] or 0400 397 603

Left: Tangle 2013

Something from Nothing - Sculptures by Christopher Hodges

25 June - 6 July 2013

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Art Workshops - An exhibition by six artists

11-22 June 2013 ... more

This exhibition documents the experience of six artists during a trip of a lifetime to South Africa. Elisabeth Cummings accompanied the group together with Artworkshops Australia, combining art and adventure with wildlife and wilderness. Elisabeth will close the exhibition on Saturday 22nd June 2013.

BERYL MILES emigrated to Australia in 1986 from South Africa. She made the transition from ceramics to painting on canvas after visiting the outback a year later. The shift from realism to abstraction was a result of discovering her two greatest influences, Fred Williams and Elisabeth Cummings.
Contact Beryl: 0419225360 [email protected] ?

JO WILLCOCKS is a Sydney based artist studied at Julian Ashton Art School, then mentored by Stanislaus Rapotec, the work comprises of contemporary landscape capturing the light first and foremost.
web site:-

KATHRIN MCMILES has worked as a professional artist for 30 years. She specialized in sculpture and installation works using ceramic, glass, metal, wood and photography. Her work has been exhibited in Australia, USA, Germany, Italy and Indonesia. It was a privilege being amongst likeminded people and experiencing Africa with AWA. It was most inspiring meeting the animals of this ancient land and seeing how they blend into the natural environment. View images and contact Kathrin

JANE GIBLIN, based in Hobart Tasmania, 0407829356, completed a course work Masters in 2006 in painting and a lithography Masters will end this June. Her major influences are Lloyd Rees, Sidney Nolan and Elisabeth Cummings. Jane's work is concerned with the rural landscape and its associated historical and contemporary farm workers and their dogs. This concern will continue in future research through the Tasmanian College of the Arts, UTAS. Jane's work can be seen at

JODY GRAHAM is a Sydney based artist whose work currently reflects her interest in urbanism. Resourcefulness, survival and sense of community observed in South African Game Parks and Townships have had a significant impact on Jody's work. Contact Jody on 0410596884 or [email protected] Website:


I begin, I find my way through and only at the end it all makes sense.

I agree with the Irish artist Jack B Yeats:

The artist always begins by expressing himself with line - that is, by

the most obvious means, then he becomes aware that line, once

so necessary, is in fact hemming him in, and as soon as he feels

strong enough, he breaks out of its confines.; ?email -[email protected]


Head On Photo Festival

15 May to 8 June 2013

Wayne Hutchins

30 April - 11 May 2013

Christine Webb ... Inner Workings

16-27 April 2013

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24 paintings, 24 works on paper

My art practice is a core part of who I am, an extension of my environment and the various places I embrace as part of my belonging. I feel comfortable in my skin, at ease with myself. Knowing who I am within my family structure has enabled me to embrace various physical structures as part of me. Found, borrowed and bought objects and homes of family and friends are appropriated and become part of my visual world.

I divide my time between home in Australia and home in Italy, but always, home is home, wherever it is. This is the constant. I feel centered about my work. The centre of the home, evoking a pleasing calm to my images but clutter and chaos are just as real.

I look forward to meeting you at my exhibition.

Christine Webb, March 2013

Left: Mt Ervine House and Gypsy

Genevieve McCrea

2-13 April 2013

The Bell Ringer's Ball - An interactive exhibition

15-25 March 2013

ASCENSION - New works by Sophie Dalgliesh

5-9 March 2013 ... more

In "Ascension", Sophie continues to draw inspiration from nature, as she looks up to the sky and paints clouds and skyscapes. We all enjoy gazing at the sky to pick out odd shapes in the clouds: odd faces, animals ..
Their shifting amorphous shapes are the perfect inspiration for active imaginations. Clouds pass over us like moods.

This new series was painted over 2 years, on Italian linen, with numerous fine layers of Dutch oil paint, to create depth and transparency .

Guest exhibitor - Roy Howard
Cabinetmaker, Roy Howard, builds miniature staircases, which recreate European apprentice pieces from the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Left: Sophie Dalgliesh

Proem @ Depot Gallery - Karen Michael & Carol Crawford

19 February - 2 March 2013

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A new exhibition of passion from sculptor Carol Crawford and artist Karen Michael

Sculptor Carol Crawford and artist Karen Michael will exhibit their textured and tactile abstract works featuring alabaster, limestone and soapstone sculptures by Crawford and oil paintings on Belgian linen by Michael.

The luxurious works herald from deeply organic and traditional methods that the artists engage in their chosen forms. The physical creation of their art creates a poetic synergy between the works that display their passions for nature, abstract form and the physicality of the creation.

Michael's paintings have heavily textured surfaces, reflecting her love of sculpture and highlighting the physicality of painting as an endeavour, a process, as well as an end product. "They convey a sense of the rhythm of all things, organic and inorganic. Light and colour, texture juxtaposed against smooth surfaces and movement set against deep stillness," Michael says.

In the same way Crawford's sculptures seek to express the essence of nature, the fundamental quality that represents the soul. "It is the sensory nature of sculpture... tactile in the creative stages [and] to the person viewing the finished form... I draw on this sensory attraction to create the organic forms, be they abstract or representational, that emerge from the medium I am working with," she said.

Left: New Painting - Karen Michael (top), Genesis III - Carol Crawford

Bruce Hawker

5 - 16 February 2013