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Christmas Closure

17 December to 17 January 2012

The galleries will be closed for the festive season from 17th December. We wish you all the best for the New Year and hope to see you back in January.

ROSS WATSON GALLERY - Cycles&Sequences

6-17 December 2011

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Jewellery & Object Design - Works by students

29 November-3 December 2011

NORA WOMPI - Solo Exhibition - Presented by Suzanne O'Connell Gallery in association with Warlayirti Artists

15-26 November 2011

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The Great Sandy Desert comes alive in the art of Nora Wompi .
Fluid brushstrokes render dreaming sites, talis, soak holes and bush tucker, creating visions of Kunawarritja (Well 33) on the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia reflecting her intimate knowledge and spiritual connection to her country. This senior artist's mastery of her art has increased with age. Her work possesses a confidence and grandeur of vision. It is a retelling of time old stories but also an affirmation of now.

When looking at her latest artworks, many of the canvases are classic stylised Nora pieces created with vibrant colours, swirls and strokes of intense movement - all indicative of what may be perceived as reflections of the ?desert landscape'. However, several pieces are created from within a concourse of muted whites with shimmers of winter greens, plum purples, soft apricots and dust pink.

At first glance, these colours appear not to be those iconic desert colours, but looking closely at the landscape through Nora's eyes, these hues often entice and encapsulate the visual. For in the numerous salt lakes that pattern this landscape, the whiteness of the salt is blinding within the sun's beat, but as the sun sets, so too does the landscape bask in softer tones of reds, pinks and purples.
Similarly, although the desert may be blanketed in yellow grasses and brush, various plants with their winter green/silver foliage and flowers of muted whites, purples and pinks provide the land with a nuance of softness and delicacy. Through Nora's artwork, the viewer is privy to the continual static but ever changing landscape that is her heritage, her home, and her ?country'.

For further details contact
Suzanne O'Connell Gallery
Australian Indigenous Art
93 James Street
New Farm. Qld. 4005
07 33585811
0400 920022


Left: Untitled, Nora Wompi

Gina Law - Landscapes of our Stories

8 - 12 November 2011

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Kate Hansen

25 October to 5 November 2011

Jagundami - Back to Homeland by Chris Edwards

11-22 October 2011

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This exhibition by highly sought after Aboriginal artist Chris Edwards
reflects stories and landscapes from his Gumbaynggirr homelands in Nambucca
Heads. This new series of artworks are inspired by stories he has recorded
with Gumbaynggirr Elder's about important stories and places of significance
in Nambucca Heads. He has also collaborated with his son Jirriwarr telling
him the stories of his homeland to pass onto the next generation. His unique
approach to depth and form has made him one of Australia's most sought after
Aboriginal artists. The colour palate he uses is a mixture of traditional
colours with more contemporary bright colours and he has a natural ability
to blend these colours to create textural effects that leap from the canvas
creating a unique Australian Aboriginal design with a modern contemporary
Left: Untitled, by Chris Edwards

Louis Ricaud & Margarete Ogonowski

27 September-8 October 2011 ... more

Louis Ricaud

Louis's work is influenced from living on the coast. His work is about the permeable and ephemeral nature of the environment and hence the transformation of the world and how we imagine it to be in contrast to how it actually is. His practice is experimental and involves using unorthodox materials like sand and varnish as well as acrylic and oils.
"I try to simulate an engagement that borders on the nature of imagery with its reliance on illusion and to capture a state of "in-betweeness" that is primarily directed toward visual pleasure within the context of the sublime."
His body of work relates to a sublime fantasy - it is experienced via the processes of reasoning and imagination. These feelings depend on our own "inner powers" in order to be realised.

Margarete Ogonowski

If you are a river you are constantly moving and changing direction

Left: After the Storm 1, Louis Ricaud

On The Wing - Recent oil paintings by Corinne Loxton

20-24 September 2011

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On the Wing
Birds in flight; the bough of a tree bent by a gust of wind; a veil of mist shrouding a ravine..... On the Wing transports you beyond the mundane and the everyday. Corinne Loxton's new paintings of real and imagined landscapes appear to capture a single, timeless moment. As you contemplate the works, it is as though you are suspended in both time and space. The carefully composed and sensitively painted pictures locate you, the viewer, floating above the ground, ?on the wing' as it were.

Loxton's paintings allude to the influence of the Northern Romantic tradition, but combine this reference to Western cultural heritage with an interest in Japanese and Chinese screen and ink paintings. The works pay tribute to the European artists Turner, Constable and Friedrich and American artists Cole, Bierstadt and Moran, but rather than rendering a ?complete world' into which the viewer may conceptually enter, as these artists would, Loxton presents images which suggest discontinuous moments of passage. The compositions appear more as glimpses or isolated fragments of landscape and employ the ambiguity of form and the interplay of positive and negative space typical of many screen paintings.

Loxton's unconventional, painterly technique makes the viewer more aware of his or her physicality and connectedness with the material world. The layering of transparent colour, evocative of natural phenomena such as clouds, mist and waves, allows the paintings to speak about the unique properties of paint and the physical act of painting itself.
On the Wing is a celebration of the expansiveness, beauty and poetry of the natural world. The paintings explore how the language of landscape and the medium of paint can express the longings of the soul and the breadth of human experience. The viewer is invited to ?take to the air' to experience the freedom of imaginative contemplation and metaphorically, to cross a threshold into the realm of new possibilities.

Left: On the Wing IV, 2011, oil on canvas

MOON - Tracey Deep - - Sculptures & Installations

13-17 September 2011


Jospeh Rolella - Terrain Aeon Arts

30 August-10 September 2011

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Left: Windswept

STOP OUT - Recent works by members of The Print Circle

17-27 August 2011

This exhibition showcases images by 25 experienced printmakers - all women.

The exhibition title: 'Stop Out' refers to part of the printmaking process in which various substances or materials can be used to literally stop-out areas of the image where no printing is wanted. The title can also refer to closing, restricting or blocking - concepts incorporated into the subject matter of the prints. A film of' 'rain' might partially obliterate a well-known Sydney icon or a figure can disappear - leaving only a negative space.

The techniques used vary from traditional limited edition lithography, screen printing, etching, wood and lino cuts to more experimental unique state monoprints. New technologies such as inkjet and digital photo printing are also embraced. All works are hand printed by the artists.

Phillip Gould & John Gallagher - Exhibition of hand crafted fine furniture

2-13 August 2011

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Exhibition of handcrafted fine furniture
By John Gallagher and Philip Gould
John and Phil for the third time have come together for a major exhibition to showcase some of their fine hand crafted timber furniture. The two designer / makers though differing in style demonstrate high quality craftsmanship and individuality in their work. This sort of exhibition is seldom seen in Sydney galleries. The exhibition touches on the endless possibilities that can be explored through fine furniture.
Phil and John will both be in the gallery on Saturday 13th August.

Louis Ricaud

26-30 July 2011 ... more

Aboriginal & Pacific Art

12-23 July 2011

Between stillness and light - new paintings by Jill Dunkerton

28 June-9 July 2011

Award-winning poet and novelist Anthony Lawrence will launch Sydney artist Jill Dunkerton's latest exhibition by reading a poem based on one of her new abstract landscape paintings at the opening on Wednesday, 29 June at The Depot Gallery, 2 Danks St, Waterloo.
Dunkerton, who has sold out exhibitions in both London and Sydney, has done most of her latest work from a rustic studio in the Capertee Valley near Rylstone in NSW, inspired by the spectacular landscape in this awe-inspiring place.
"The landscape of the Capertee Valley has been ravaged by time but despite constant changes it appears timeless, which gives it a real sense of spirit of place," Dunkerton says. "I am continually exploring the use of landscape imagery as a metaphor for the feelings of space, of stillness and of silence which may lead the viewer through unconscious association to another time and place."
Dunkerton's paintings are not literal but attempt to capture a moment in time and the lifetime of memories that linger afterwards. As a way of capturing the valley's grandeur, she has used devices, such as architectural frames or barriers, in her work to focus and personalise the view.
Between stillness and light is the latest installment in Dunkerton's own personal journey reflected so poignantly through her landscape paintings over the years. "The light falling on different parts of the Capertee Valley and escarpment changes the views dramatically but despite this a stillness remains that is both reassuring and life-affirming," she says. "I have drawn both a sense of solace and peace from the majesty of the landscape and the way it can reflect your own emotional state."
Lawrence says he has been inspired by Dunkerton's landscapes. "I see in Jill Dunkerton's landscapes a similar inner light that drives me into verse," he said. "Poetry and painting have always shared the same vital dreaming. These paintings have put a tap root into my head."

For further information and high resolution images call the artist: 0417699868

Ornament & Offal - Bronwyn Coleman and Sophie Stone

14-26 June 2011 ... more

Ornament & Offal
Bronwyn Coleman and Sophie Stone

Dark Velvet Collectives new show Ornament & Offal most certainly intrigues and excites. Artists Bronwyn Coleman and Sophie Stone look at how our actions and emotions can manipulate our mind and body.Coleman's images take us on an anatomical tour of the subject, touching on the idea that we inherit emotion and story through the bloodstream. Her work is better described as written, as hundreds of miniscule words make up the intricate details of the image.

Stone's work looks inside the mentality of the subject and explores the masking and unmasking of personas we engage. She draws her figures with sympathy and amusement, revealing them as flawed characters. They appear to be withholding some secret, some guilty conscience, some hint of self-loathing.


Annette Russell

31 May-11 June 2011

Chris Antico

17-28 May 2011

Alaston Gallery @ The Depot

3-14 May 2011

Julie Poulsen

12-30 April 2011 ... more

the princess gets to hold the cats

For Julie Poulsen, it is the narratives of everyday that provide the starting point and word play that drives the momentum. The sequence of production for Poulsen starts with writing to hone, feed, simplify and substantiate her ideas; paving the way to extensive experimentation.

In this new body of work, photographic images are chosen randomly from the family albums, significance lies in the aesthetic and emotive balance. The choice to depict children is a risk; the ?cute' trap is diverted to empathy through conscious despoiling.

These informal figurative compositions provide a perfect springboard for rigorous deconstruction. Each photograph selected is repeated and worried through a series of processes. The familiarity of image allows freedom of material choice and a reminder to refuse to follow the obvious approach to reconciliation of result.

Left: THE PRINCESS GETS TO HOLD THE CATS - 183x213cm - Mixed media stitched assemblage

Derryn Tal Waxing Lyrical

5-9 April 2011

GLOW by Darryce Rock

29 March - 2 April 2011

Michelle Belgiorno

14-26 March 2011