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Heymans, Maltese & Tye - Group exhibiton

7-18 December 2010

Jewellery & Object Design - inseparable companion

30 November - 5 December 2010

the annual end of year exhibition by jewellery + object design students from the design centre enmore

Sutton Gallery @ Depot

16-28 November 2010

Scott Petrie Art - Earth

9-14 November 2010

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Aboriginal & Pacific Art - Extension of group exhibition

26 October - 6 November 2010

Alcaston Gallery @ The Depot Gallery -

12-24 October 2010

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David Brook HERE AND NOW

5-10 October 2010

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In his solo exhibition "Here and Now", David Brook presents a series of work painted from life. These paintings are motivated by an urge to leave the confines of the studio and to find real subjects to paint on the spot, as they exist in the world. There is a sense of urgency in Brook's paintings, revealing his race to capture a passing scene as time rushes on relentlessly and people walk right by. David Brook recently won the Waverly Art Oil Painting Prize and was selected to exhibit in the Blake Prize 2010 Director's Cut Exhibition.
Left: Smashed @ Kings Cross

Paul Connor

21 September-3 October

Sydney Printmakers

7-19 September 2010


24 August-5 September 2010

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Perth Galleries presents Eveline Kotai?s first solo exhibition in Sydney at the Depot Gallery. The individual pieces have been carefully selected from a larger body of work produced in recent years, and they vary in media from painted linen & wood, to stitched collages and painted pigment prints. Eveline Kotai?s work has been purchased by the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of WA, and is represented in most major collections in Western Australia. She has been exhibiting regularly for over 30 years, and currently lives and works in Fremantle Western Australia.
Left: Sari Orange, 2010, Oil on Linen, 115 x 150 cm

Louis Ricaud New Works

10-22 August 2010 ... more

FRANCES KEEVIL GALLERY - Melissa Selby Brown - Markets in Paris

27 July-8 August 2010

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Rhett Brewer

13-25 July 2010

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Myth and Memory is an exhibition of Rhett Brewer?s new paintings which is subtitled ?Paintings of Possible Histories and Unreliable Recollections?. It deals with memory becoming myth, on a personal level and on a broader cultural level. The settings are real but now changed by time.The events depicted are based on fact but have changed through story telling and recollection into the familiar patterns of myth. They feature subjects as diverse as a shark attack, the Billy Graham crusade, the influence of Jackson Pollack on Sydney?s painters and the beginnings of Jazz and the Jitterbug.There is also a section of the show that consists of portraits of Sydney?s criminal underworld from the first three decades of the last century. These paintings are based on early Police mug shots.
Left: Modernism comes to Cumberland Street, 2010, oil on board, 42cm x 52cm

Judith Pugh Gallery

29 June-11 July 2010

Anna Pappas Gallery - Established and Emerging Artists

15-27 June 2010

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In Sydney for the first time, Anna Pappas Gallery is showcasing a selection of our represented artists to Sydney art lovers. A combination of established and emerging artists, this group show will present a sample of the most recent exhibitions held at the gallery in Melbourne, as well as a number of upcoming shows. We hope to contribute to an ever-increasing creative exchange between the two cities and to continue to engage and challenge art audiences. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Artists showing: Christina Hayes, Owen Leong, Grant Nimmo, David Palliser, Vin Ryan, Vipoo Srivilasa, Cyrus Tang
Left: Christine Hayes - The Saint in a Tree, 2008 - oil on linen

Anita Hochman - Currents

1-12 June 2010

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With this new exhibition Anita Hochman explores imagination, memory and transience, the ephemeral nature of vision and illusion. Her landscapes in flux offer a sweeping sense of space where references to form may shift like mirages or figments of the imagination. She plays with scale and colour in a palette that ranges from the brooding to the luminous. A return to oil painting has brought a new sensibility to works such as 'Sky' 2010 which has a sense of celestial movement, infused with air, breath and light. These new paintings invite the viewer in, to bring their own associations of place and time.
Left: Sky 2010 91cm x 91cm oil/linen

P Koshland - (im)balance

18-30 May 2010

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"After 3 exhibitions in 6 years, and the largest commission of my career which ate up 7 months of my life, I found my next ideas for sculptures exploring the idea of balance-quel surprise! Literal balance was an obvious first subject to explore which led to sculptures that are counter balanced, precariously balanced and deceptively well balanced. But there is more to the concept of balance than physics. Psychological balance, spiritual balance and, of course, the lack of balance were intriguing material for sculptures. In fact there are many more ways to consider balance but these were the subjects I chose to explore in this exhibition."
Left: (Im)balance (and artist) in The Depot Gallery

John Berrick

4-16 May 2010

Alcaston Gallery @ The Depot Gallery - SALLY GABORI & DAUGHTERS

20 April-2 May 2010

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In conjunction with Mornington Island Art, Queensland, Alcaston Gallery is excited to present new paintings by acclaimed artist Sally Gabori, as well as introducing work by two of her daughters, Amanda and Elsie Gabori. 

Peter Lawrence

30 March-18 April 2010

Nellie Castan Gallery

23-28 March 2010

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Presenting:  Chris Bond   Craig Easton   James & Eleanor Avery   Prudence Flint   Kate Just            Penelope Davis    Stephen Haley

Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery & Waterhole Art present Ripples on Water Lines in the Sand

9-21 March 2010

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Ripples on the Water Lines in the Sand to be officially opened by Christine Nickles on Tuesday 9th March at 6 p.m.  A Women for Women event in recognition of International Women’s Day leading the way for Peace.

Ross Watson Gallery CLASSIC DE NOVO II

23 February -7 March 2010

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Stephanie Burns & Peter O'Brien

16-21 February 2010