Tjala Arts Exhibition 2008
Tjungu Palya Artists exhibition, The Depot Gallery 2008
Milingimbi Artists exhibition 2008
Lydia Balbal exhibition 2009

Aboriginal and Pacific Art

Aboriginal & Pacific Art was established by Director, Gabriella Roy, in 1996 at Sydney's Dymocks Building. Since that time the gallery has been committed to the exhibition and promotion of contemporary Aboriginal art.

While at the Dymocks Building, Aboriginal & Pacific Art presented many notable shows, including the solo exhibitions of Tiwi artists Kitty Kantilla and Freda Warlapinni.

In 2005, Aboriginal & Pacific Art moved to Danks Street, continuing its representation of community-based Aboriginal art in a new location.

The gallery currently shows work from the Tiwi Islands and Arnhem Land in the NT; from art centres of the Western Desert, including Warakurna Artists and Kayili Artists, and, further west, Martumili Artists; from north WA, namely Bidyadanga Artists from Broome, and Mangkaja Arts from Fitzroy Crossing; and the art centres of the APY (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara) Lands of South Australia, which include Ernabella Arts, Tjala Arts, Tjungu Palya Artists and Ninuku Artists. Aboriginal & Pacific Art also represents Ngarrindjeri weaver, Yvonne Koolmatrie, from South Australia.

Exhibition highlights at Danks Street include the solo exhibitions of Tiwi artists, Timothy Cook and Jean Baptiste Apuatimi, and the inaugural exhibitions of art centres, such as Tjungu Palya Artists and Warakurna Artists.

Aboriginal & Pacific Art is a member of ACGA (Australian Commercial Galleries Association).