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Emily McIntosh + Corrigan Fairbairn two person exhibition

31 July to 18 August 2012

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My work is still concerned with memory, preservation and both the psychological and physical aspects of the human condition. This new body of glass sculpture intends to examine these layers of intricate and complex systems and magnify some of these astonishing processes that occur within us, constantly to manage our complex world.

Emily McIntosh, 2011

Originally, the shapes and motifs within my work were influenced by imagery from outer space, which as they evolved, became part of my sculptural language. In my current body of work the process has been immediate, with each sculpture resonating parts of the one that came before it. I think this has created a strong lineage in the work which shows a methodical evolution of ideas.

Corrigan Fairbairn, 2011

Patsy Payne Wraith

31 July to 18 August 2012

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In my practice I combine traditional processes of printmaking with new possibilities associated with scientific body imaging and data manipulation to create works that question being in the world. I think about how experiences transform us. I also consider how science and technology mediate our existence.

Here I have experimented with new methods of representing the human form, visualising body-shape through pattern and mark and isolating the figure. In this body of work I present the body outline reduced to a flattened sandblasted plane or a web of patterned interlacing. The transparency of the glass challenges ideas of gravity, materiality and object-setting relations.

The thickness of the glass holds light between the sandblasted surfaces and the glitter of the sandblasted planes dissipates the certainty of the forms. The boundary between back and front (inside and outside, or here and there) is made permeable. The visual intersections made possible in the glass also suggest the multi-layered nature of knowledge and experience of place. These images suggest the possibility of parallel as well as intertwined systems, with their own intrinsic meanings in multidimensional connections.

The subjective experience of the work varies according to position, time, lighting and location.

- Patsy Payne, 2012

Chiaroscuro a curated group exhibition

10 to 28 July 2012

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Chiaroscuro is the treatment of light and shade for dramatic effect in drawing, painting and printmaking. It is the effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction, on something or someone.

Chiaroscuro is thought to have originated before the Renaissance; this exhibition seeks to show the work of contemporary artists using this traditional practice.

Robert Boynes Language of the Street

19 June to 7 July 2012

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My work evokes the sounds, sensations and body postures found in our urban spaces - the language of the street. Are we as viewers, simultaneously the observer and the observed - stepping in and stepping out of the frame? A body, traced or sprayed like a tattoo on the wall of a narrow laneway, leaving the skeletal remains and memory of a dance. It is the conversion of noise into motion, into fractured image and crackling light.

Robert Boynes, 2011

Todd Fuller + Abby Smith One and Only

19 June to 7 July

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In January 2012, marks and lines grew across the walls of Back to Back Galleries, Cooks Hill. The marks scratched and erased, changed, morphed and grew and as they did a narrative formed. During the process a story of impermanence, of struggle and loss resulted. Throughout the one week period, visual artist Todd Fuller responded to the music of Bathurst based artist Abby Smith. The resulting film 'One and Only' is a visual interpretation of a song by the same name. It brings together a real and imagined world. The woman who occupies it endures a whimsical battle with her own detached heart. At the end of the one week intensive process, the work was washed away and all that remained was an empty white wall.

Smith and Fuller agree that it is in the spaces between their individual practices, that the most unexpected and wonderful moments are allowed to occur.

Special thanks to Back to Back Galleries, Cooks Hill.

Carol Murphy imago

29 May to 16 June 2012

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imago |ɪˈmeɪgəʊ|
noun ( pl. imagos , imagoes or imagines |ɪˈmeɪdʒɪniːz|)

1. Entomology the final and fully developed adult stage of an insect, typically winged.

2. A ceramic exhibition exploring change and body form, referencing story books and social media.

darn it the zip's broken,
i am beautiful butterfly trapped in this ugly caterpillar's body,
if you peel back the layers you will find me,
butterflies are free,
miss free love but none wants her.
but where am i.
i am lost.
through the looking glass. it's broken. i am bleeding.
if one eats cake grows bigger.
drink me
can you live on cake alone.
i am alone.
more tea...
i am changing, but what into,
i wonder.
find me.

Carol Murphy, 2011

Jacek Wańkowski Metamorphosis

29 May to 16 June 2012

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'Metamorphosis' investigates ideas of perception, of known and unknown things that engage the forces of nature, of change and growth - and challenge our understanding of what we believe.

My sculptures are mostly made in steel. They range from large scale, outdoor pieces to smaller, intimate works - a play between the small and the large scale, between intricacy and simplicity. Inspired by observation of pattern and form in the natural world, they embody movement and anticipation, and often a sense of unfolding, of unwrapping - an opening in anticipation of something to be revealed.

These works pursue that moment between balance and flight where the precise distribution of mass, form and space activate the sculpture - a creative engineering that aims to imbue a potency of energy, of aerial lightness, or alternatively of crushing weight.

Jacek Wańkowski, 2012 

Leslie Oliver Love Stories

8 to 26 May 2012

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As a teacher of young filmmakers from around the world, I have recorded short interviews with over 1,000 students. The form of the interview has not changed in 15 years. I ask them to recount a time when they fell in love. I have the generous permission of many current and former students to use these interviews to build a small video installation. I will accompany the video with a collection of small abstract sculptures on the same theme. This show is on view as part of the Head On Photo Festival.

New Photographers Penelope Cain, Alex Austin, Tasman Miller

8 to 26 May 2012

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This is an exhibition of three contemporary photographers new to the Gallery. The artists will create a small body of work that best represents their artistic practice. This show is on view as part of the Head On Photo Festival.

Introducing III... Tammie Castles, Helena Leslie, Kelly-Ann Lees, Oliver Tanner

17 April to 5 May 2012

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This is the third exhibition in our 'Introducing...' series. It is a small group show designed to provide artists who are new to the Gallery with a chance to create a more substantial body of work.

In The Mirror a curated group exhibition

27 March to 14 April 2012

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No one sees themselves the way the world sees them, as one's reflection is, of course, seen in reverse. This show is an opportunity for the artists to share their unique view of themselves and to redirect the focus from the celebrity of the sitter, back to that of the artist. Not limited simply by traditional representation, unfettered by medium, 'In the Mirror' will endeavour to offer a different view from the portrait as defined by and typically selected for the Archibald Prize.

Will Coles Nihilist archaeology

6 to 24 March 2012

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Are we and our junk reaching critical mass? If all our junk is made in China, we will have nothing worth digging up in the future.

The trivial and shallow now represent the peak of Western Civilisation. The internet brings the entire history of human achievement into our homes, but we are watching ?reality' TV.

Welcome to the age where nearly everyone grows old, hates the young and is so busy being scared of dying that they have forgotten how to live. Stop, take a deep breath and step back.

James Guppy Anima Rising

6 to 24 March 2012

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The figures in these new works are dredged from James Guppy's unconscious to throw light onto the cold darkness of rationality. Guppy has always been comfortable in the world of fairytales and myths. As a child living in the north of England, these fantastic stories were his way of understanding the land he grew up in. It provided a poetry and passion that prosaic history could not give.

Animals were another starting point for these new paintings. Guppy was not interested in the domesticated creatures that inhabit our lives, but in the way their untamed forebears move within our psyche.

Through these paintings, Guppy continues the examination of myth and powerful women. These are not the predictable, nourishing earth mothers, but rather those types that society traditionally feared and marginalised: the witch, the virago and the furies. These are the strong women, the extraordinary women who offer the possibilities of other lives.

Lezlie Tilley Pages from an a-less novel, 2012

14 February to 3 March 2012

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Nulla dies sine linea = never a day without a line

A constant image that has followed me throughout my career has been the 'telephone doodle' in all its simplicity and complexity. My recent connection with Euclid's geometry has fired my interest to explore other forms of that universal image. In this instance, my drawings are dragged between the extremes of sketchy and finished, spontaneous and measured. The linear images can be viewed as maps, pathways, or a system of writing time itself.

Major Artists, Major Works featuring important works from the represented artists

14 February to 3 March 2012

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'Major Artists, Major Works' will feature a significant artwork by each of the fourteen artists represented by the Gallery.

Size is relative. For some, 'major' may simply mean 'bigger than a shoebox', whereas for others it can entail the use of a crane and the removal of the Gallery doors!

Artists include Tanmaya Bingham, Senden Blackwood, Robert Boynes, Will Coles, Jim Croke, Sybil Curtis, Todd Fuller, James Guppy, Melinda Le Guay, Carol Murphy, Mylyn Nguyen, Leslie Oliver, Lezlie Tilley and Peter Tilley.

Sculpture 2012 a curated group exhibition

18 January to 11 February 2012

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This year features the work of Senden Blackwood, Mark Booth, Walter Brecely, Robert Bridgewater (courtesy Niagara Galleries, Melbourne), Ewen Coates (courtesy Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne), Will Coles, John Cox, Jim Croke, Marguerite Derricourt, Corrigan Fairbairn, Todd Fuller, Kelly-Ann Lees, Angela McHarrie, Emily McIntosh + Marcus Dillon, Mylyn Nguyen, Leslie Oliver, John Petrie, Jimmy Rix, Fatih Semiz, Vanessa Stanley, Oliver Tanner, Peter Tilley, Caramel Wallace and Jacek Wankowski.

This annual event was established by Brenda May in 1998 and continues to be an important platform for the promotion of sculpture.

Waratah Lahy Not What It Seems - paintings

22 November to 24 December 2011

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Through my work I continue to explore my interest in the simplicity of the overlooked: people, places, light and colour. I find inspiration in everyday scenes and images that are often lost in the deluge of contemporary visual culture.

My work is defined by an ongoing investigation into the visual and conceptual effects of working on a small-scale, as well as the use of unorthodox painting supports.

I am especially interested in the synthesis between the painting as image and the painting as object and the way in which it leads to interpreting the possibilities of meaning in new and unexpected directions.

Waratah Lahy 2010

Tanmaya Bingham Countermanding Saturation - paintings

22 November to 24 December 2011

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In an over stimulated world peace and quiet is a rare commodity. We have been forced to create internal conduits to another restorative world or void where the pressure on our senses is alleviated and we can retreat, relax and process.

Stripping away stimulus, as if within a sensory deprivation chamber, this void is unconfined by any boundaries, leaving us to float freely, tethered only to our simultaneous experience of the everyday world. Tapping into this vastness allows us to operate at our optimum by balancing the drenching of our senses with the comfort of an infinite absence.

Tanmaya Bingham 2010

Senden Blackwood ishi - sculpture

25 October to 19 November 2011

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I strive to carve simple forms from stone; engaging lines with dynamic planes. My inspiration often comes from the natural world; a broken seashell, leaves in all their complexities, cracks and lines of force in pavement.

There is always an unexpected emergence working with stone; the result of a compromise between what I imagine and what the stone demands. Each piece takes on a life of its own, guided by the gesture I hold in my mind. I give each design the opportunity to evolve while I'm working. This provides intrigue, keeping me hungry and eager to explore new forms.

With the process of carving being fundamentally tactile, it gives me immense satisfaction to see viewers connect with, and feel drawn to touch my sculptures.

Mark Standing Waking Me Forever - paintings

25 October to 19 November 2011

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The sights and colors of South-East Asia are influencing my painting at present due to the fact that I have temporarily relocated to Hong Kong. It is a visually stimulating city and this inspiration seems to be seeping into my new work. Things here are constantly moving, changing and evolving. It is a collision of two worlds, the East and West, the old and the new.

Life here is frenetic and creates an exciting tension. This is beginning to emerge within my work. I want to concentrate on mark making and see in what direction this can further evolve the paintings. This new development has been encouraging.

Mark Standing 2010

Body Language a curated group exhibition

27 September to 22 October 2011

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Through gestures, posture and facial expression we communicate without words to the world around us.

Body language is universal as it crosses cultures and languages and does not belong to any conventional code of communication. We tend to express ourselves subconsciously, giving insight into unspoken emotions, thoughts, ideas and truths. Tattoos are an example of a distinct type of decorative body language. Traditionally used as decoration for spiritual purposes, the body becomes a marked canvas conveying a vast array of meanings to the viewer without a sound.

Artists featured include Alex Austin, Julie Bartholomew, Tanmaya Bingham, Robert Boynes, Penelope Cain, Graeme Chambers, Will Coles, Doble & Strong (courtesy of Block Projects, Melbourne), Aniseh Fakhri, Todd Fuller, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Melinda Le Guay, Julian Meagher (courtesy of Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney), Helen Mueller, Katy Mutton, Indigo O'Rourke (courtesy of Lindberg Galleries, Melbourne), Patsy Payne, Josh Raymond, Kate Scardifield, Sylvia Schwenk (courtesy Artereal Gallery, Sydney), Marc Standing, Claire Steele, Leyla Stevens, Liz Stops, Peter Tilley.

Janet Parker-Smith Still Alive & Still Well - assemblages

30 August to 24 September 2011

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This work introduces images, objects, creatures and species that hover between multiple identities. They are open for the viewer to question whether the form they are looking at belongs or is intrusive.

These creatures serve as vessels for a form of displacement in their foreign environment. By decorating their domestic environment it makes everything appear normal. This work acts as a metaphor for the binary nature of insiders and outsiders. It deals with displacement through the use of otherness as a mechanism of protection, inclusion, exclusion, isolation and connection. My work attempts to re-conceptualise the viewers association to the hybrid creatures that the works portray. It aims to provoke inquiry about how we receive, perceive and imagine physical otherness.

These objects, creatures and species have an aliveness in their deception delivering an uneasiness about them and their presence. The work aims to collapse the binary of the familiar and unfamiliar and the ordered and disordered.

Janet Parker-Smith 2010

Peter Tilley A Passage Through Time - sculpture

30 August to 24 September 2011

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This body of work shifts between still life tableau and compositions based around the figure. It could be seen as a dialogue with the self while reflecting on issues of the times and the nature of society. A physical manifestation of the personal and the universal through the use of an unassuming figure grouped with everyday objects. There is a recurring meditation on life’s opposing forces of hope/despair, real/wishful, life/death and permanence/decay etc. The form and context of these works will to a large extent be intuitively understood, being derived from concepts commonly encountered. However, at the same time the work can be rich in contradiction and complexity, implying an experience of the real world.

Peter Tilley 2010

Todd Fuller Tense - new work

2 to 27 August 2011

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In another space,
a place far away that is,
a man forged from charcoal and from clay stands silently.
Taking breath, and taking step,
the drawing dares to move.

Todd Fuller 2010