Currently showing at Brenda May Gallery

Peter Tilley - Figure in the landscape, 2014

25 March to 17 April

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The inclusion of the figure in the landscape can add a powerful element to a three dimensional statement. This is because the human form is capable, like nothing else, of depicting a range of human experience from fate, to authority and awkwardness, to self-deception, while at the same time displaying an underlying dignity. The language of figurative realism is simply, for me, the most effective way of portraying what it is to be human. 

The simplified form of the figure should remain anonymous and elemental, as they are intended to be universal models of humanity. That simplicity of form also conveys a complex message. There is a duality of meaning; an aspect that I have pursued and consciously incorporated in my work, with the possibility that some times these several meanings may be ambivalent or contradictory.


Nicole Welch - Apparitions, 2014

25 March to 17 April

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In this series of photographs of media installations in the Australian landscape, romanticised sublime images emerge from the terrain and escarpment, appearing and receding simultaneously. These works reveal the embedded cultural history and idealism projected onto this land since colonisation, centering on the early Australian landscape painters who brought a European sensibility and vision to their depictions of this ‘new’ world.


dLux MediaArts presents 'Scanlines remix' - Black Box Projects, 2014

25 February to 10 May

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dLux MediaArts presents 'Scanlines remix', a selection of Australian video art by contemporary established and emerging artists in parallel with works drawn from the dLux archive spanning thirty years of media arts practice. 

The exhibition aims to showcase the dynamism and variety of contemporary video practices and locate them within the recent tradition of Australian media art histories. Embracing current practitioners, the exhibition highlights artists who have Australia-wide and international significance. 

'Scanlines remix' is informed by the Scanlines online database, which brings together information about Australian video artists, curators, organisations and events since the 1960s. Material on this site has been compiled from several important archives relating to video art, including the dLux MediaArts d/Archive, the archives of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Stephen Jones Archive of Art & Technology in Australia.